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WW1 /1920s 72nd Punjabis Officers Service Dress Tunic

Khaki single breasted open collar tunic . Pleated chest pockets and lower bag pockets all with buttoned flaps .Gilt and enamel Lieutenant rank stars over yellow cotton strips with brass 72nd Punjabis titles .Brass Kings crown G.R.I Indian Army buttons . WW1 medal ribbons and I.G.S ribbon . Internal lining with lower first aid dressing pocket . Tailors label to the collar with ink name Lt G Moore?.Minor service wear . A good early pattern tunic.

Code: 54028Price: 165.00 GBP

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Unusual Pattern Escape & Evasion Kit Miniature Compass

Brass body with top glass . Internal two point spinner with lower marked compass direction.

Code: 54031Price:

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Early Pattern Escape & Evasion Kit Miniature Compass

Brass body with top glass . Internal circular four hole spinner .

Code: 54029Price:

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2nd Pattern Escape & Evasion Kit Miniature Compass

Brass body with top glass . Internal four point star spinner .
Small quantity available at this very low price

Code: 54030Price: 25.00 GBP

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WW1/Pre WW1 Officers Pith Helmet
Good clean example.Khaki cotton six panel crown and top button ,Pointed peak and rounded rear brim all with leather edging. Multi fold linen pagri .Green under brim. Leather and red silk sweatband. Internal crown with Hawkes & co makers stamp with pre war address.Leather narrow chin strap.Clean example hard to beat.

Code: 54027Price:

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1st Commonwealth Division Formation Badge

Queens crown bullion embroidery example

Code: 54018Price: 20.00 GBP

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Aldershot District Formation Badge

Printed example with minor wear

Code: 54005Price: 12.00 GBP

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Rare 1942 Dated Lightweight Airborne Troops Respirator

black rubber face-piece with circular eye lenses. Large front vent. Fixed side grey painted filter. Face piece marked 5-42. Harness dated 8/42 and filter Sept 43. Complete in its green webbing case, dated to the interior lid 9/43. Webbing cross strap also dated 9/43. Clean condition .UK SHIPPING ONLY

Code: 54026Price:

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R.A.F.M.A Lapel Badge

Gilt and enamel circular badge . Rear brooch fixing . Makers details . Minor chips to enamel

Code: 54023Price: 65.00 GBP

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48th Division First Pattern Formation Badge

Embroidery Example . Minor wear

Code: 54002Price: 25.00 GBP

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